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Iashia "Mana Bear" Bolton is a versatile and highly detailed creator.  For painting, commissions and mural booking email:

Featured Project

One of a Kind Ride

"Primordial Rapture" is an immersive creative experience from the imagination of the prolific artist MANA Bear Bolton and partner Conor Fairbanks.

"In a modest studio somewhere in the midwest, an American artists' imagination is running wild.  Flowing through mediums varying from writing and illustrating comics to large scale public murals, MANA Bear is soaring to new heights.

When UMD presented this unique opportunity to MANA Bear,  she rose to meet the magnitude of the honor with this jaw-dropping experience manifested from the topography of her imagination." 

Love the "Primordeal" experience? 

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Murals & commissions

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Live painting

Weddings, events, and private performances.

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Private Mural 


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