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Q & A

  • Q:  What kind of things do you sell?

  • A:  MANA currently offers mural installation services, original paintings, and printed merchandise.

  • Q:  Do you take commissions?

  • A:  Yes, at my discretion. If I don’t like the content or feel it is out of my comfort or skill range, I will try to suggest another artist or respectfully decline the offer. You can click here to contact MANA with further questions regarding commission work.

  • Q: Can you take an unfinished design, finish it and produce it for me?

  • A: Yes I can!  I can help you get your idea into a tangible design with just a few questions and a little bit of magic!  This service does have a variable cost depending on the intricacy of the design.

  • Q:  How long does a commission piece take to finish?

  • A:  That varies on the project and the discretion of MANA. Some projects can be completed in very short timelines, some are time consuming. In some cases to ensure the highest quality work, MANA may not set a deadline.

  • Q:  Do you ship overseas?

  • A:  Yes. Sometimes shipping rates are very high. Please keep this in mind when ordering large custom originals. All originals come with insurance that exceeds the original value of the canvas. Canvases valuing over $2000 will require a signature to deliver.

  • Q:  Do you travel to distant locations or events to paint?

  • A:  This is my favorite type of work. I am willing to travel to anywhere in the world to paint per diam. For further questions about bringing more MANA to your space, click here.

  • Q:  Do you take payments?

  • A:  Yes I do!  I currently accept payments with a 20%  non-refundable deposit.  A minimum payment of 10% of the total amount will be scheduled based on the clients financial needs. The final project begins when an additional 40% non refundable deposit is completed. Once the final 40% due is paid, the order can be fully processed including shipping.  The artist may begin work after the deposit is made at the artists discretion.  

  • Q:  What is the Magic World of Mana?

  • A:  The Magic World of Mana is an upcoming comic written and illustrated by MANA Bear Bolton. The creations of the comic will take place on Patreon.

  • Q:  Is there a benefit to being a patron on Patreon?

  • A:  My Patreon is inactive for the time being.  You are welcome to join a hang out while I work behind the scenes to bring a new Patreon experience.  Joining the $1 tier is a great way to passively support me!

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